SIA Licensing Statistics – November 2015


Since the SIA started licensing people that work in a security role, things have come a fair way, now you many like it or loath it but the latest SIA Licensing Statistics make some interesting reading.

As of the 16th November 2015, the SIA announced the latest figures in relation to all the licensable activities, and the number of:

  • Valid Licenses
  • Licenses Revoked
  • Applications Refused

Please note these figures are correct as of 16th November 2015, and include,

  • Licences revoked – Numbers shown relate to licences that have actually been revoked and do not include those currently going through the revocation process.
  • Applications refused – Numbers shown relate to applications that have actually been refused and do not include those currently going through the appeal process.
Cash & Valuables in Transit
Valid licences 9,145
Licences revoked 93
Applications refused 163
Close Protection
Valid licences 15,163
Licences revoked 228
Applications refused 650
Door Supervisors
Valid licences 206,558
Licences revoked 31,029
Applications refused 26,413
Key Holding
Valid licences 300
Licences revoked 7
Applications refused 13
Public Space Surveillance (CCTV)
Valid licences 47,618
Licences revoked 1,445
Applications refused 1,166
Security Guarding
Valid licences 93,539
Licences revoked 10,870
Applications refused 7,288
Vehicle Immobilisers
Valid licences 38
Licences revoked 46
Applications refused 349

We take no responsibility for these figures, they are correct at the time of posting, but for the latest Licensing Statistics go to the SIA Website By Clicking Here